my love for CHANEL it’s something that I can’t explain, but it’s my thing, future and more,j’adore ! I use j’adore many times but you have to when you feel like it, and when it’s ┬áJ’adore that’s it!! Here is some of my favourite. Hope you enjoy?




I love the Parisian bistro food, one of my very best one is Royal Beaubourg in 75003 Paris

so lovely and good food ah , we had first Tuna carpaccio, with lime dressing.

Then we had special stake tartare with olives,parmigiana and spices,ah and it all comes with pom frites (fries) and salad.

what more you can ask , I was in heaven, and very good service as well, good price and quality was on its place.


Oh cant wait to see this fabilouse movie/cartoon, it’s been so long when I first read this marvellous book.

i do recommend everybody to read this if you have not? J’adore